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2313 S. Whittier Ave.
Springfield, IL 62704

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We celebrate one church, one God, and one faith,

all under one roof, praising God with a variety of

styles and voices.

Come, taste and see the majesties of our Lord!


Saturday Worship 4:30 p.m.

Spirit of Faith Worship Service

Our Saturday Worship is an alternative worship type. It is a contemporary-style Christian service - informal and casual. A children's sermon is included in this worship as part of the Saturday evening Children's Church School.


Soloists regularly bring special music. Worship is usually led by "Pocket Full of Faith" band. Communion is a part of this weekly worship service. Refreshments are served following this service. Instrumental music includes grand piano, electronic piano, drums, guitars and bass.


Sunday Worship 9:00 a.m.

Traditions of Faith Worship Service

Our Sunday Worship is both traditional and liturgical. We sing traditional hymns and follow the liturgy from the Lutheran Book of Worship with the organ as the main musical instrument.
This service is more formal than Saturday evening. Dress is a comfortable mix of business to casual.

Special music is provided by the Adult Choir and soloists. The children's choir generally sings the second Sunday of the month. Communion is a part of this weekly worship service.